Return to Blogging..

LILIS 2008. 5. 24. 00:55


한동안 미니블로그에 심취해 블로그를 버려두었다가.. 여행과 학업으로 너무나도
바빠 손을 댈 시간이 별로 없었다.(고 하면 거짓말이고 노느라 안했다.)

점점 외국의 지인들이 늘어나는 마당에 계속 한글로 쓰기도 좀 미안하고..
앞으로 일기는 영어도 같이 쓸 듯 ..

.... 일단은 I'm Back!

I guess it's my return to blogging..

I was busy with Mini-Blog(Playtalk) for a while.. and after that,
I was travelling and studying too much to care for my blog.
(actually, I was too busy having fun to care. :p)

Since the number of my acquaintance in other parts of the world is increasing..
I feel sorry to just posting in Korean. For now, I'll write both languages for the
monologue category.

... Anyway, I'm back!
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