ITB Best Practices for Review


  • All feedback must be provided in the PDF file:
    • Save with the reviewer’s name or group in the filename
      • For example: “ATT_T337A_EN_IBG_TE_OE8_061014_R2_HQ-feedback”
    • Post to STACs in the same folder we posted the PDF
  • If you see something different than what is described in the document, please:
    • Tell us the software load you are using
    • Attach a screenshot showing what you see
  • If a comment applies to multiple instances in the User Manual, please mark the first one, and note in your comment to apply globally. When we update the document, we will update all the instances where it applies.
    • For example: “Update icon - global”


  • IBG standard is to document the UI based on software loads that are in the lab or approved by the customer (LE and FFW).
  • We document the default UI(User Interface) at the software load noted in the filename.
    • If it’s a carrier device, we use an activated device. Activation may change some settings, screens, and app pre-loads, so if your device isn’t activated, you may see differences.
    • Even though we basically follow the default UI, we may sometimes depict an option that’s not the default. This is acceptable as long as the option is available on the device, even if it’s not the default.
      • For example, we may show an optional wallpaper instead of the default
  • If there are multiple ways to perform a task, we document the one that is easiest for the user.
  • All comments on SEA Legal text or the carrier’s boilerplate will go to the responsible team for review, and we will only make changes with their approval.
  • Capitalization:
    • ITB standard is to capitalize only the first word of UI phrases, regardless of how it appears on the device (also known as sentence case). This doesn’t change the user’s understanding of the concept, and is a more consistent approach for our documents.
      • For example: SAVE on the device, would be presented as Save.
    • Capitalization in Headings may differ from the device UI.
  • We present information by topic, which may not match the order it appears on the device.
  • Document headings summarize the topic, and may not match the device UI exactly.


  • Prior to R3, illustrations may be labeled as FPO(For Placement Only). FPO indicates that we know the illustration may be incorrect, so there is no need to comment on them.
  • Some icons are presented in grayscale for consistency across device/carriers. The grayscale color does not affect the user experience.
  • We use images to illustrate the topic, and if it helps the user to understand a concept, they may look slightly differently than the actual device, screen or icon.